Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6 (Problem Reading Disc)

The PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6 is an error code specific to the PS5 disc version. It is a disc error that takes place because of a faulty Blu-Ray drive or the disc itself. The error is not there in the PS5 digital version.

We all know that digital download has taken over the gaming space. Gaming discs are not as popular as they used to be and if you have a fast internet connection, you don’t really need a game disc. But sadly, not all of us can afford fast internet.

So, a lot of people still use game discs. It has also to do with the fact that games are huge these days and not everyone is able to download 100 GB of data. Anyway, the PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6 is a major problem for disc owners, and today, we are going to solve this error once and for all.

Fixes for the PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6

Fix 1: Clean the disc

A Blu-ray disc can get scratches over time. When there is a good amount of scratch, the disc will need a thorough clean. The cleaning materials are not hard to find. You can use a clean, soft, anti-static microfiber cloth to clean the disc. The one thing that you should avoid is wiping hard.

Never wipe your disc by pressing on it. You can alternately try a disc scratch repair cream. You can find them in the market and use them to clean your disc. But, if your disc is way beyond repair then, you can’t do anything about it.

A completely scratched disc will often have damaged data so, the games will not copy properly and there is no way you can play it. Try to fix the scratches early. Accumulated scratches are very hard to fix.

Fix 2: Check the disc

Sometimes, gamers can experience disc-related problems when they have entered the incorrect disc. Most big games in the PS5 come with 2 discs: the data disc and the play disc. The data disc is used to install the game whereas the play disc is used for playing it.

So, always check which disc you are entering into the system. Do not enter the wrong one. Also, don’t enter a disc that you can’t really play on the system (such as a PS3 or a PS Vita disc).

Fix 3: Restart your console

The PS5 is a new console so, there can be some system software related bug that can cause the drive error. If there is a drive error, then the Blu-Ray drive is confused and it cannot read the required data from the disc. To fix this error, you can try to restart your console.

Restarting will reset the console data and you can then use the driver. You can also try updating the system. If all else fails, the last resort fix is to unplug the system and plug it back in after a while. Doing this can fix the error code and you can reuse the Blu-Ray drive.

What is the PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6?

The PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6 is an error code that happens when there is a problem reading the disc. This problem can happen because of two main reasons: either your disc is corrupted/not supported or the Blu-Ray drive is faulty.

Reasons for the PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6

  • The disc you have entered inside the system is old and corrupted. It may have software corruption or it can also have scratches. Your PS5 may not be able to read the disc because of these scratches.
  • With backward compatibility, you can play your PS4 game discs on your PS5 but it comes with a caveat. You can’t play all your discs. There are a few PS4 discs that are not supported by the PS5. Also, you can’t play PS3 games on a PS5 system. So, keep this in mind while you are inserting a disc into your system.
  • The final reason for the disc error is hardware problems. Perhaps the Blu-Ray drive is stuck, damaged, or not working properly.


While a scratched Blu-Ray disc can be fixed, it is not always possible. Some discs can get scratched so badly that you won’t be able to fix them.  You can however take good care of your disc and make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Simple things like not touching the inside of the disc, carefully putting the disc in the case and in the system, and cleaning it regularly can help you out.

As far as the Blu-ray drive goes, it is replaceable when it gets damaged but it will cost you a lot of money. And if you do have a defective drive as soon as you have bought a PS5, you should get it replaced immediately.