Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4 Something Went Wrong

If you own a PS5, chances are you have faced the PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4. It is an extremely common error. This problem is present when you are trying to copy a physical game disc.

The game disc doesn’t copy and there are multiple errors in the system. Today, we are going to be providing you the fixes for this annoying error so, let us start without wasting any time.

What is the PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4?

The PS5 error code CE-106485-4 is one of the most frequent errors in the PS5 console. This error code is present almost in all the new PS5 consoles and the error code basically doesn’t load your games.

This is very frustrating as you won’t be able to load up the games from Disc as well as from the SSD. Even if you somehow manage to copy the games from your disc, the game install gets automatically deleted because of a software bug.

Reasons for PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4

The exact reason for the PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4  is not known as of now but there are many speculations. We think that the error code is there right now because of the following reasons:

  •  The Blu-ray disc or the drive has some hardware or software bug.
  • The PS5’s system software is unable to read the game files.
  • There is a problem with the system update.

Fix for the PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4

There is only one fix to this error and it is a pretty straightforward one. The fix can work but it’s not guaranteed. So, basically, the fix is not to copy the files from the disc manually.

Let the PS5 do the work for you and then see if it is fixed. See the CE-106485-4 error code is a software problem most of the time and it is possible to trick the PS5’s software to fix it.

Having said that, you need to follow the following instructions if you really want to fix this problem once and for all:

  • The first step, as you guessed it, is to insert the game disc into your PS5 console.
  • Once the game disc has been inserted, do not copy the file. Don’t hit X on the copy prompt, let the PS5 read the disc properly.
  • Wait for like 30 seconds and the PS5 will automatically start the copy process.
  • If the disc is not detected, the problem is not with the software but the drive or the disc itself.
  • After this, press the PS button on your DualSense controller and restart the console.
  • When your console has restarted, you can start the process again and this should definitely fix the problem.


If the fix above doesn’t really fix the problem for you, there is one alternate method. You can try to reset the console. Wipeout all the data from it and then try installing the game.

While this can work, this method will also delete all your game files and personal data so, do keep that in mind. Also, if the issue turns out to be hardware, visit the nearest Sony service center to get your console repaired.