Fix: PS5 CE-106667-6 error code (Download Failed)

The PS5 CE-106667-6 error code is a really frustrating error code in the PS5. It is a software error that can be fixed with a proper update. The error will not let you download games and it can really hamper your gameplay experience.

This is not a network error though. Even if your internet connection is tip-top, you can face this error. So, how do you fix it? Well, you can fix it by following this guide. So, without wasting another second, let us start.

What is the PS5 error code CE-106667-6?

The PS5 error code CE-106667-6 is a software error that doesn’t let you download your games. The error is pretty common and it typically has an error message “download failed.” When you retry, the download keeps on failing. The error message doesn’t give you the reasons. It doesn’t say what went wrong. Most of the

time, a simple download restart will fix this error but there are cases where the error just won’t fix.

Reasons for the PS5 error code CE-106667-6

The exact reason for this error code is not known. We can only speculate the reasons for it. Some of the reasons for this error code is given below:

  • There is some problem with the system software.
  • The internet connection might be down or unstable.
  • There might be a problem with Sony’s servers.

Fixes for the PS5 error code CE-106667-6

The PS5 error code CE-106667-6 can be fixed. Here, we have some of these fixes that can really help you:

Fix 1: Retry the download

The simple fix is to just retry the download and see if that works. You know the problem starts with the download so. it might also get fixed with it. Simply. delete the current download notification, revisit the file system and restart the download and you should really be fine.

Fix 2: Rebuild the database

The PS5 database rebuild is a universal fit for most of its problems. It clears all the cache of the system and makes sure your files are updated properly. You can simply boot your console in safe mode and rebuild the database to fix this issue once and for all.

Fix 3: Update the System Software

If you have any system software download pending, you need to install it. A fresh install of system software will definitely fix the most issues in your console and this will really help you long term. So, you should definitely keep your PS4 updated to the latest firmware.

Fix 4: Check your connection

The last fix is to simply check your internet connection and see if the bandwidth is getting used by other devices or not. Just disconnect all other devices from the internet and then test the download on your console. This should fix the error.


The PS5 error code CE-106667-6 is incredibly easy to solve the error can really be solved quite easily. All it requires is a simple database rebuild or an internet fix.

When you have fixed this error, you can start downloading your games and updates and then enjoy them. Just make sure you follow our fixes properly. If everything fails then, you can try resetting your console to its factory defaults. This trick will fix most errors that come with the PS5.