Fix: PS5 CE-107649-7 Error Code

If you are new to the PlayStation console, you might have seen the error code CE-107649-7  when you are trying to play a game. Well, if you are using the disc to play the game, we cannot blame you. The error code is quite present in such situations. Anyway, today we are going to fix this issue once and for all. So, without any further delay, let us start this.

What is the PS5 error code CE-107649-7 ?

The error code CE-107649-7  occurs when you have entered an incorrect disc into your PlayStation system. The error happens when you mistake the data disc for the play disc and vice versa. While this is the primary cause of the error, there can be other secondary causes and we are going to tackle all of them here.

Reasons for the  PS5 error code CE-107649-7

  • The PS5 games can have two discs. The data disc and the Play Disc. This is present in most new AAA games. When you enter a wrong disc into the system, there is a serious disc error and the PlayStation console will not be able to read the game. This can cause serious problems for you.
  • Most of the times, this error occurs when you have inserted a disc that has extra features and data that differs from the data installed on the console. In this situation, you need to delete the game related application and even use another disc to open the game.
  • There is a system bug and a fresh system update could possibly fix the issue for you.

Fixes for the PS5 error code CE-107649-7

Fix 1: Delete the game file and reinstall

Deleting the existing game from your storage will let you install it again from the disc. To delete a game, simply hit the option button on the game you want to delete (from the home page) and then hit X on the delete button. It’s that simple. Once you have deleted the game, go to the storage tab inside the settings menu to see the free space. Make sure you have enough space before you install the game. When you have installed it properly, enjoy!

Fix 2: Update the system

The one stop solution to fix this disc related problem is to just update the system. Just make sure you have the latest updates installed. If you don’t have it installed, simply go to the network settings in your console and install it. Do not interrupt the update process, use a good internet connection and a stable power supply to make sure the system update is smooth. Once the console is updated, restart it and then install the game from the disc.

Fix 3: Clean the disc and Use proper disc

Make sure you have entered the correct disc first. Games with multiple discs often have this problem so, you need to install with the data discs. Also, some games require additional file download after you have installed it with the disc. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 is 50 GB on disc.

Once you have installed the game, you need to again install a download file of 50 GB before you are able to enjoy the game. So, keep these things in mind. As far as cleaning the disc goes, you can buy professional disc cleaners and use them to clean the disc. If not, then do not use water or bleach to clean the disc.

Just get a decent quality wipe and without pressing so hard, clean the disc. Once your disc is clean enough, you can enjoy the game.


The fix for the error code CE-107649-7 requires you to delete the game from your system. This can be a bit problematic for a lot of people. This is because when you delete the game, you also delete all the progress related to it.

So, if you are Playing Demon’s Soul digitally and decide to switch to the disc version, you might end up losing your current progress and we know how frustrating that can be. So, if you are really into the game you are currently playing and don’t want to lose your progress, you can save the game’s storage to the cloud. But this might require a PS Plus subscription.

Anyway, this error can be fixed if you really try to fix it. But it can really delete your save games so, make sure you have the backup on your PlayStation console before you delete your game.