Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-108262-9

We have covered many types of PS5 error codes in this blog. Today, we bring you yet another Error Code that needs to be tackled.

The PS5 console has seen a fair share of errors in its 1-year life cycle. Today, the error that we are going to be looking at is CE-108262-9 PS5. So, what’s this error about and how do we go about fixing it? Let us find out.

What is the PS Error Code CE-108262-9?

The error code CE-108262-9 occurs with the error message that blames the System Software. This code flashes shortly after the game has crashed. But it can also pop up when you power on the console.

The reason behind the error is quite simple. It happens when your console can’t read the system software or application data.

A simple restart can usually fix the problem. The error might occur when the graphics of the display are not really in sync with the graphics settings of the console. 

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5 Fixes for the Error Code CE-108262-9

Fix 1 – Update the console firmware

Initially, the error code CE-108262-9 had no way to be solved. But in a year, Sony has released many new fixes for the error.

These fixes can definitely help you out. If you play online and your PS5 is connected to the Internet, you might already have the latest firmware installed. This is because the console automatically downloads the updates but if you have the option to download updates automatically disabled, you can fix that from the UI. 

For this, just follow the fixes given below:

  • Press the PS Button on your PS5 DualSense controller to bring up the menu bar present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you can select the Downlaods and Uploads option. In the Downloads section, select Downloads/Copies option and then choose the Update System Software option from the right. 
  • Now, in the next menu, you can choose the update button. Confirm it and wait until the new update version is installed properly. 
  • When the operation is complete, the console will tell you to restart. You can do as instructed and then see whether the fixes can be applied or not. 

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Fix 2 –  Disable HDMI Device Link

The PS5 console crashing can also be a result of having the HDMI Device Link option enabled on the console. This means that any HDMI device such as Soundbar, Blu-Ray Disc, etc can essentially shut off the PS5 console while you are in the middle of a gaming session. If this is the case with your HDMI device as well, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the PS5 Home Screen first.
  • Now access the Settings Menu from the top right corner
  • Inside the settings menu, access the system Menu. 
  • Now, Select the HDMI option using the vertical menu present on the left side. Now, move on to the right hand side to toggle the Enable HDMI Device Link option to ‘Disabled.’
  • You can finally turn the HDCP option On and the settings should be applied. 
  • You can finally restart the console and once it has been turned on, use it as normal. 
  • Also check to see whether the issue returns or if it is very much resolved. 
  • If the Problem is still present, move down to the next potential fix. 

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Fix 3 –  Turn off Rest Mode

If you face this random shutdown or error code when your console is in rest mode then you need to turn it off. The Rest Mode feature allows the console to do some background tasks such as game downloads and installations while using little power. 

  • Disabling Automatic Rest Mode is quite easy, here’s how you do it:
  • From the PS5 Home Screen, access the Settings icon present on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • When inside the Settings menu, access the System Sub-Menu. 
  • Now when you are inside this menu, Select the Power Saving option from the vertical menu. 
  • In the Power Saving Menu, move to the right side and then set the time for the PS5 to enter the rest mode. 
  • There is a drop down menu here and you can now select ‘During Media Playback’ and ‘While Playing Games’ to ‘Don’t Put in Rest Mode.’
  • You can now return to the previous menus to Save all the Changes. After this, use your console to see if the problem is fixed or not. 
  • If the Same Issue is occurring again, move down to thef fix number 4. 

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Fix 4 – Use Safe mode

Booting up the console in Safe mode is incredibly easy. Just hold down the power button for around 7 seconds until you hear two beeps and that’s about it.

Do make sure that you connect the DS Controller with a USB cable though. Press the PS button to pair the controller up. 

Fix 5 – Use a different Wi-Fi Band

There are two types of Wi-Fi bands: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Switch between the two to see what works. Also, test the connection from an ethernet cable to know the difference. 

Final Words

The PS5 Error Code CE-108262-9 is a fixable error related to the PlayStation 5 console. The error can be solved quite easily and you can generally fix the error with the help of the fixes that we have mentioned above.