Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-1085360-8 (4 Simple Fixes)

Are you also facing the PS5 error code CE-1085360-8 when you are trying to play games? If you want to fix this issue, you have come to the right place.

This problem is quite common for all the PS5 owners and in this article, we have shared some of the fixes that can potentially fix the error for you.

What does the  error code CE-1085360-8 indicate?

This error code happens when there is some issue with the HD Camera or the PlayStation Camera. You heard it right. This is a very common problem in case you use the PS Camera. But the error can be fixed very easily.

The PlayStation camera has a combination of motion sensors and camera accessories. It works with both the PS4 and the PS5 systems. But sometimes, the camera can cause some issues.

There can be problems with the console firmware or even with some settings in the PS5. So, how do you fix the error? Well, let us find out! 

How to fix PS5 CE-108360-8 Error Code

Here are some of the fixes and workarounds that we have found to solve this PS Camera error. Give them a try!

Fix 1 – Using a Camera Adapter

PS Sells a camera adapter that can be used to connect a PS Camera to a PS5 console. The Camera is actually meant for PS4 so, you might need an adapter to use it with a PS5 console.

Try using a dedicated adapter with the PS5 and you will definitely see some changes.

Fix 2 – Adjust the Settings

Always make sure that your camera is connected. There must be a proper connection between the camera and the console.

After that, check the settings. Sometimes there can be some common mistakes. You can even forget to turn the camera on and this can also cause the error code.

Fix 3 – Turn on the lights

PS Camera only works in a properly lit room. You need to turn all your lights on for the camera to properly capture all the images.

Make sure that you are gaming in a bright environment for the lights to turn on properly.

Fix 4 – Adjust the Camera Angle

Adjusting the angle of the camera and keeping it at a different distance will definitely give you a better view.

You need to adjust the camera’s angle properly and this can definitely fix the error for you.

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Final Words

The CE-1085360-8 error code is common for all PS4/PS5 owners. The error code is related to the camera hardware and sometimes to the settings as well.

For a PS5, using the adapter could possibly fix it. But if the problem lies with the main camera itself, we recommend you take the camera to a repair shop and then fix it.

This will definitely make the error go away. You can also invoke the warranty if your camera is under it.

Anyway, the error is very much fixable so, you don’t have to worry about it. Follow our fixes and you will definitely be able to fix the problem.