Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-108862-5 (5 Fixes)

Since the PS5 launched, the number of error codes that the console has faced is substantial. A lot of times these errors have to do with the PS5 being a new console. As the console is quite new, it has a lot of bugs that need to get solved. Therefore, the errors are quite obvious. 

Luckily, there are some errors that can be fixed and the CE-108862-5 error is one such error that can be fixed. It is a network-related error.

The PS5 console won’t be able to connect to the server when this error happens. So, how can this be solved? Well, it is quite easy to solve. 

There are some of the fixes that you can make to solve this error without any hassle. We are going to be providing these fixes. But before that, let us see some reasons for the error code,

Reasons for the PS5 CE-108862-5 Error Code

The Reasons for the PS5 CE-108862-5 error code are given below:

Network Issue

One of the main reasons for the error is the Network Issue that can exist in the network environment. Most issues are on the ISP’s side and a few of them are on the Client Side. If your routers are working fine, just contact the ISP and you should be fine.

Server Issue

The next problem and the main reason behind the error is the server issue that can happen on the PS side.

The PlayStation network is a really big network and there are many issues that can happen there because of players overloading on it.

The increased traffic can sometimes cause a server to crash and you might get the CE-108862-5 error code.

Client Side Issues

These issues include a faulty configuration of your Router, faulty connections on the PS, technical glitches, and more. The issues can also be fixed. But you need to do it yourself!

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How to fix PS5 CE-108862-5 Error Code

Fix 1 – Check the PSN Page

The first fix you can do is to simply check the PSN page to see if everything is working or not.

The servers can be down on the PSN and if that is the case, you have no choice but to wait for the servers to be back on again.

Another way you can do this is to check the game’s server. Just check the game that you are playing to see if that game’s server is on or not. 

Fix 2 – Power Cycle Restart

A power cycle can be done to reset the PS5’s internal power so, that any cache-related errors can just go away.

To do this, you need to turn off the console for around 5 minutes. Plug it off the wall socket too.

After it has been plugged out, now you can leave it in this position for a while. Now, you can connect the console to the internet after turning it on. 

Fix 3 – Router Firmware Update

The reason behind your internet problem might be because of the wireless connection that you have.

Always make sure that the PS5 is close to your router or the LAN cable is plugged in properly. After that,  you can simply apply a power cycle to the router (similar to Fix 2).

Now, you can update the Firmware of the router. You can take a look at your router’s manual or contact your router provider (ISP) for it. 

Fix 4 – Use Custom Ports

Some routers and ISPs have custom ports that you can open. Try opening these ports:

 TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480

 UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 to 65535.

Opening these ports is quite easy. You can simply contact your ISP for it. 

Fix 5 – Use Custom DNS

DNS can be changed from the router or the PS5 console itself. You simply input a manual IP in the DNS settings.

First of all, go to the network settings and then set up a static IP address in a manual manner. You can also change the DNS (from the PS settings).

You can simply go to the DNS settings and then configure your Network Settings with Public DNS.

Most Public DNS is free as well as open to the Public by different companies and organizations as well. 

Final Words

Most of the time the problem lies with the PlayStation network. If it is not the Network’s fault then you can blame other parties like the Router, ISP, and your network connection. Anyway, the PS5 CE-108862-5 error code is more than fixable.