Fix: PS5 Error Code CE-108889-4

The PS5 console is available now at a global scale. The console is now more famous than ever and a lot of people are using the console. But there has also been some of the errors that have resulted with the console.

Bugs are very rampant and error codes are all over the place. So, how do you fix these error codes when you encounter one? Well, today we will tackle the Error Code CE-108889-4. This error code is one of the most common error codes that is a result of some software issue with the system.

So, how do you fix it? Well, let’s get started!

What is the Error Code CE-108889-4?

This particular error code is a system software related issue. The console will flash a message that says “Please Install the Latest System Software.”

This is quite frustrating because most of the users have updated their consoles already when they get this error. Even restarting the PS5 console won’t really fix the error for them.

4 Reasons behind the Error Code CE-108889-4

1. Faulty System Update

Sometimes System Updates can be faulty. Whether it is because of an unstable connection or other reasons, the update can be corrupt and when an update is corrupt, the system won’t be able to install the updates properly. The result will be the Faulty System Updates and the error code will show.

2. Database/Cache Problem

PS5 can have some Cache related issue. The problem happens when the PS5 database has some issue. The cache issue is quite a hassle as well. It can cause many problems in the future. So, Database/Cache problem is one of the most common reasons behind the error code.

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3. System Needs an Update

Check whether the System Software is updated or not.  If you haven’t updated the system, the system can throw this error at you.

4. Network Problems

The error can occur when there is some network problem and the console is unable to download any files off of the internet. When the update is not downloaded properly, errors are quite rampant. Sometimes the network problem lies at the user end while other times it can be the ISP’s fault for the problem. 

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How to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-108889-4

There are some ways to fix the CE-108889-4 error code in a PS5. Here we have listed some common fixes for you.

Fix 1 – Update the PS5 Firmware

The first fix to do when you encounter this problem is to update the console’s firmware. We know that the firmware is causing the error.

Just make sure that you keep checking the firmwawre updates on a weekly manner.

The firmware can be installed when there is a new update shown to you by the console. Quickly install the update when it is available!

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Fix 2 – Install the Update Properly

As we mentioned in the Reasons part of this article, Updates should be installed properly.

When you are downloading the update, it should be downloaded with stable and proper internet. This will make sure that the update is installed very fast.

Once the update is downloaded, don’t turn off your console. The PS5 console will now install the downloaded update.

Make sure you don’t turn off the console while you are updating it or installing the update.

Fix 3 – Power Cycle Restart

Sometimes there can be some system glitch or cache issues that can cause errors in a PS5 console. There can also be some lags, crashes and errors as well. You can perform power cycle on your console.

Power Cycle basically means turning the console off and on again.

Here is how you perform it:

  • The first thing you need to do is to shut down your PS5 console completely. This means turning it off and then removing any power cable from the console. Make sure the console doesn’t get any power whatsoever.
  • Keep the console in this state for around a minute and then plug everything back in.
  • Now finally, you can turn on the PS5 console and check for the Error Code CE-108889-4.

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Fix 4 – Power Cycle the Router

Sometimes internet problems can cause the update to not get downloaded properly. In such situation, your best bet is to do a power cycle restart on your Wi-Fi Router.

Doing this is quite easy. Just follow everything we told you in Fix 3 but do it in case of a router! That’s about it.

Final Words

The CE-108889-4 error code is one of the most common error codes on the PS5 console. This can be solved though.

It is a software error and the error happens because the PS5 console cannot really recognize the installed update or it cannot install the update in the first place.

Fixing this error is quite easy though. Just follow our instructions and you will be fine!