FIXED: PS5 Error Code NW-102261-2

The PS5 has a lot of issues. Network errors are quite rampant on the console and it is mainly because of the PSN servers not really working. The NW-102261-2 is one such error and today we are going to be looking at some ways of fixing this issue. So, let us get into the article.

What is the NW-102261-2 error?

The NW-102261-2 error code is an error that occurs when your PS5 console cannot connect to the PlayStations server. The code comes with the error message, “Unable to connect to the server.”

Why is everyone getting the NW-102261-2 error on their PS5 consoles?

There is a reason why this error code is so common on PS5. Some of the biggest reasons for this are:

PSN Server Integration

The PlayStation Networks server hosts all the digital content of the PlayStation system. The PSN network was started in the PS3 era and it got improved in the PS4 era.

Currently, the PS5 is also using the servers. Since there are three generations of consoles currently on it, the integration issues are occurring in the case of PS5.

The PS3 and PS4 have no issues connecting to the PSN because these consoles have in in the market for a while now. The same cannot be said for the PS5. This issue might get fixed in future updates though.

Overloaded Servers

Another common reason why the PS5 console is having a problem connecting to the PSN is because of the traffic. Even though the console has just been released, there’s already a lot of people on it.

Add to the fact that there is a worldwide pandemic and many people are inside their houses, the number of gamers online has increased and this has caused a massive surge in PSN traffic.

Maintenance and Updates

The PS5 console has many production bugs that need to fix. Sony has already released big bug fixes and patches for the system. More updates are coming and while the updates are good things for the console. they can also cause some unforeseen problems and one of them might be the trouble of connecting to the PSN.

Digital Games

Never have digital games been so important as in 2021. Not many people buy Physical discs today. Many people have good enough internet connections and they want to get their games on the fly. This is the reason why so many people have opted for digital purchases.

But purchasing a game online comes with many disadvantages too. You need to download massive data for instance. Game sizes have exceeded 100 GB so, this has resulted in digital game stores being overflooded with download requests.

we recommend storing digital games in Flash drives so you never run out of storage.

Fixes to the Problem

So, what are some possible fixes to the NW-102261-2 error code? Well, to be honest, there aren’t many fixes to this problem because the problem is at Sony’s end. Only they can fix it by constantly improving their server sizes and making sure the PS5 has no bugs.

However, you, as a PS5 owner can do the following things to make sure that this problem doesn’t occur for you:

  • Make use of the PS5 updates and quickly update the PS5 to its latest version to be safe from such issues.
  • Ensure you have a good enough internet connection before downloading your favorite games.
  • Check the PSN server’s condition on Sony’s PSN status page and you can even contact Sony’s customer support to get a date when the server is fixed.
  • You can also get around this issue by using a VPN connection and trying to connect to  Sony’s server in a different region. Do this at your own risk though. Sometimes, Sony can ban your account for this.


Server issues are common in the PS5 so, don’t get worried if your PS5 is not connecting to the PSN. This error gets solved after some hours. Sometimes, it takes like a day to fix it. But do make sure that you update your PS5 to the latest version to make sure that the issue is not at your end!