Fix: PS5 Error Code NW-102307-3

A newly released console with a boatload of error codes. That’s the most pessimistic description of the PS5 console. The console has multiple issues and error codes and the NW-102307-3 is one such error code.

We can expect to see this error quite frequently. While the error can definitely be fixed, there can be some problems regarding the error.

The NW-102307-3 is a DNS server-related issue that can be fixed quite easily. If you are facing a problem, just make sure to check out the guide below.

 What is the NW-102307-3 Error Code?

To be quite specific, the NW-102307-3 Error Code is a common issue. It happens when there is a communication problem for the PlayStation console.

Whenever a communication-related error takes place, the PS5 users will definitely get the NW-102307-3 error code. This error code also comes with a message that says “DNS Server Can’t be Used.” 

This is a simple error that can be solved by restarting the PS5 console and/or the router. but if this trick doesn’t fix the problem, we have quite a few other tricks that you can potentially use. Here’s a bunch of them! 

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Fixes for the NW-102307-3 Error Code

  1. Try to simply restart the PS5 console or in other words, Power Cycle the Console and the issue should be fixed by it self. 
  2. Check the internet connections and see if the network is there or not. Check the network with another device to see where the problem lies. 
  3. Determine whether the console is in the rest mode or not. Turn off the PS5 or Simply close the game to check for rest mode. You can also press the PS button on the Controller to see whether the console has the correct fixes. 
  4. Don’t keep the PS5 in rest mode. Simply close the game and turn off the PS5 console. If you can’t do that, press the PS button on the controller and then Select the Power icon from the menu present at the lower right side. Now, choose to Turn Off PS5. Wait for a few seconds and then turn it back on. 
  5. You can also go and check the PSN Status page to see whether the PSN Service from Sony is up and running or not.
  6. Power Cycling your Router can also fix some issues. Simply turn off the router, cut any power to it and then unplug the cable. Now you can wait for the power from the source and then turn your router on back again. 
  7. If the Wireless Connection is not running properly, make sure you use a wired ethernet connection.
  8. If the issue still persists, try to use a mobile hotspot to run the PS5 games. The trick can work very well sometimes. 
  9. You can also enter the TCP and UDP for your network ports to fix the issue. The ports that you can enter are:TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, or 3480

    UDP: 3478, 3479 [or 49152 and 65535]

  10. You can also try to use the Google DNS to set the custom DNS as as the Primary DNS and as the Secondary DNS on the PS5 console.

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Final Words

If the PSN servers are having some work done on them, the service will be out for a couple of days.

During this time, you need to wait for the servers to go back online again. Anyway, the NW-102307-3 error code can be fixed.

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You just need to make sure that the networking aspect of your gaming setup is working properly. Since the error is because of a wrong configuration somewhere in the networking environment, it can be fixed when you fix the Networking part of the architecture.