Fixed: PS5 Error Code NW-102308-4

Internet issues in 2023 are common. There are a lot of people online these days and this requires a lot of bandwidth and resources. So, these Internet communication errors related to routers are quite rampant. In the PS5, there is a bug that doesn’t let you connect to your router. The bug is represented by the error code NW-102308-4 and today, we are going to dissect this error code and see what it actually is. So, let us get started.

What is the NW-102308-4 error code?

The NW-102308-4 is an error code in the PS5 console which occurs when the console is not able to connect to the router. The error code comes with the message, “A communication error has occurred.”

Reasons for the NW-102308-4 error code?

So, why is your PS5 unable to connect to your router? Well, there can be many explanations for these issues. Some of the most proper explanations are given below:

Faulty Router

The Router itself may have some issues. Mainly, port forwarding issues are there. If there are some issues with the Ports of the router, you can contact the ISP and easily fix it. Just ask them to forward the ports. In case of hardware issues, contact your router vendor and replace the faulty router.

Faulty Connection

Wi-Fi connection can be faulty if there are any obstacles in the way of your router and PS5. This will not let your PS5 connect to the router properly. In the case of Ethernet, there can be a faulty wire or a faulty port too. These common things are the main reason why the  NW-102308-4 error code is so frequent.

Internet Issues

There can be some major internet issues such at the ISP end and this can also cause some major problems for people. Generally, a faulty connection will not let you connect to the internet and this can be really problematic in the long run as well.

Hardware Issues

Although this is rare, sometimes the PlayStation can have some major issues on the hardware side. Perhaps the wi-fi card is not installed properly while manufacturing or the ethernet port might have some issues. All of these are harder to solve but they can be solved nonetheless.

Software Issues

The major reason why the PS5 won’t be able to connect to the internet is because of the software issues that may come with it. Many software problems such as a faulty database and the lack of proper updates can definitely create problems for the console and this won’t let it connect to the routers.

Fixes for the problem

You can fix the router issue on the PS5 and your router by following the fixes listed below:

  • First of all, find the problem. Check whether it is the Internet, The Router, or the Console’s fault.
  • If it is the internet that is the main culprit, simply phone your ISP and ask them to solve it.
  • If the Router is faulty, just replace it in case of Hardware fault or use different port numbers, update the firmware and reinstall your internet cable in case of software issues. Also, use different port forwarding techniques to fix the issues.
  • If the problem is with the PS5, just update it. You can also use a VPN if you like.
  • Sometimes, the problem can exist in the PSN server, check the PSN status page to confirm it. If this is the case, just wait till Sony comes out with a fix.


The NW-102308-4  is a common error in the PS5 consoles but it is an error that can be fixed without any problem. The fixes that we have mentioned are sure to help you out in this regard. We hope, we have managed to provide an appropriate fix to the problem!