Fixed: PS5 Error Code NW-102315-2

The PlayStation Network is a service from PlayStation where you get your digital games, movies, themes, and other content for your PS4. It is a very huge store and sometimes it crashes because of traffic. This generally happens when there is a big game released in the store or if everyone is downloading a game.

There are many error codes that might be happening because of the PSN network failure and the NW-102315-2 is one such error code that we are going to fix in this article. Let us start then.

Fix 2 –  Use VPN/DNS and connect to a different server

Most of the time what happens is, Sony server in one part of the world fails but another part of the world has the servers running. If that is the case, you can use a VPN or DNS to connect to a different server.

For setting the DNS, follow the steps below:

  • Go to DNS settings inside the Network Settings panel and configure your network with Public DNS
  • Hit X on Ok and there you have it, DNS installed!

Similarly, if you want to use a VPN, the best way to do that is to install a VPN on your router and then connect to it with your PS5 console.

Fix 3 – Check if you have internet issues

It is possible that the problem is actually with your internet and not with the PSN. Try using alternative ports by contacting your ISPs. You can also use a static IP address to see if this is causing the problem. Do update the firmware on your router and please make sure that your ethernet cable is working and the Wi-Fi router is near the console.

Fix  4 – Use a Valid PSN account

Another reason why this problem is so common is that people forget to sign into their PSN accounts and this can cause the problem. Make sure you have a Valid PSN account and the account is not blocked by Sony. Blocked Accounts cannot access the PlayStation Network.

Fix 5  – Switch between different internet connection types

This is another way to fix the issue relating to the internet. If your Wi-Fi is not working, use the ethernet cable and vice versa. Also, contact your friends to see if they are having the same problem or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the work of PlayStation Network?

A. The PlayStation network all the PlayStation digital games. It has many regional servers around the world and they have everything from your PS Plus accounts, PS Now Servers, Games, Movies, and everything else that you can find on your PlayStation.

Q. Is the Error Code NW-102315-2 fixable?

A. Yes the Error Code NW-102315-2 is definitely fixable. The PSN servers get back online quickly.

Q. What is Server maintenance?

A. Sometimes a server needs to be offline and security patches need to be installed on it, sometimes a server needs replacement and sometimes, servers aren’t healthy so they need to be fixed. This is called Server maintenance.

Q. Does Sony frequently do maintenance?

A. No. Sony does Server maintenance once or twice every year and during this time, the PSN servers are affected.

Q. How do you get banned from the PSN?

A. If you do illegal activities, cheat, and pirate games from your PlayStation account and Sony finds out, you get banned from the PSN. There are two kinds of bans: Console Ban and Account Ban. If your account is banned, you can simply create another account and log in to the PSN but if Sony bans your console. your PlayStation won’t be able to connect to the PSN again.


The PSN server error is definitely fixable. It is a really common error that most people face when Sony’s servers are down or under maintenance. So, yeah do have patience and let the company fix the servers, and then you will be online in no time.