PS5 Error Code WV-109146-1 (Fix Easily)

The Error code WV-109146-1 is an error code that is seen frequently in the console and today, we are going to be tackling this bug and trying to be fixing it.

The PlayStation 5 is a rather new console with a lot of bugs in the system. There are many ways to solve these bugs and a lot of them are quite easy. So, let us begin.

What is the WV-109146-1 error code?

The WV-109146-1 error code is a PS5 error that happens when your console is not able to connect to the internet. It is followed by the error message, “Unable to Connect to the Internet.”

What causes the WV-109146-1 error code?

Well, there are many reasons why a console might not be able to connect to the internet. Some of these reasons are:

  • PSN server-side failure.
  • Internet Problem on your end or the ISP’s end.
  • Faulty Ethernet cables/ Problem with the router.
  • Faulty DNS.

Fixes for the WV-109146-1 Error Code

Fix 1 – Check for the PSN Status

Oftentimes, the PSN is down and you won’t be able to connect to Sony’s server if that is the case. Simply go to the PSN’s official page to see if there are any maintenance or server upgrades going on.

To check the Psn status you can follow below steps:

  • Go to the Psn Status page.
  • From there you need to choose your country.
  • After you choose your country and a new page will be opened with Psn status.

Fix 2 – Test the internet

You can test your internet using a different device and see the performance. Try changing the ethernet cable or try reconnecting with the Wi-Fi. Also, configure your network settings in the console and see if this fixes the internet. You can also check if any member if your family is hogging all the bandwidth by downloading large files. If you are on Wi-Fi, try bringing the console close to your router or the Wi-Fi device.

Fix 3 – Reconnect to the internet

Completely turn off your router and modem and wait for around 5 minutes before restarting them. This could really fix the issue. You can also hard reset the router and see if that gets the job done.

Fix 4 – Update Router firmware

You can contact your Router vendor to check if there are any new updates out. And if there are any updates, try to update the router and reconnect to the internet.

Fix 5- Use different ports

Some routers provide you with the option to open different ports for better connection. You can try opening these ports:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
  • UDP: 3478, 3479,49152~65535

Fix 6 –  Enter the IP Manually

Go to the network settings on your PS5 console and then set up a static IP address. You can now enter the manual IP and reconnect to the internet.

Fix 7  – Use Custom DNS

You can change your PS5 DNS on your console by following the steps given below:

  • Go to DNS settings in the Network panel
  • Configure your Network with the Public DNS which is free to use.

Here is a full tutorial to configure for using custom DNS on ps5.

Fix 8 – Contact your ISP

ISPs can cause major issues when it comes to the internet. Some of the time, the ISPs are really in bad shape with a lot of people using their bandwidth and this can cause problems to the end consumer. Just have a nice chat with your ISP provider and see if they can fix this problem at their end.

The WV-109146-1 error code can definitely be fixed easily. Just remember to follow our fixes and you should be fine. The error code is quite rampant in the PS5 and before you actually follow these fixes, make sure your console is updated to the latest version. This ensures that the fixes can work in a much better way.

The problem is generally with either the PSN or it is with the ISP so, following the fixes 1 and 8 would be the smart thing to do. If these two fixes do not work for you, move on to the other ones and see if those fixes can help you out.